Deserted or discharged (for cause)

Some of the soldiers who were originally listed as deserting had their records changed to discharged. They are denoted as deserted/discharged.

Name Co Exited by Exit date
George Adams G deserted 8/20/1865
Sebastian Albright C deserted 3/10/1862
William H. Arney C deserted 11/18/1862
John L. Arnold D deserted 4/1/1862
Amos Bachtel E deserted 10/5/1862
Joshua C. Ballinger B deserted/discharged 8/1/1865
John Barton B dismissed 1/13/1863
Joseph Bay C deserted 7/12/1862
James Bigler A deserted 10/2/1862
James W. Boner D deserted/discharged 8/1/1865
Samuel S. Brooks A deserted 10/2/1862
Michael Carl C deserted 9/4/1862
David Cary G dismissed 12/1/1862
William Clark I deserted 12/31/1862
Lemon Clark I deserted 5/10/1863
William T. Cole B deserted/discharged 8/15/1865
James Collier D dismissed 8/13/1863
Appleton Cowen E deserted 11/30/1861
Samuel Cummings B deserted/discharged 8/5/1865
John Curnutt B deserted/discharged 8/1/1865
Randolph Demmick E deserted 10/24/1862
Jesse Dotts A deserted 10/6/1862
Jeremiah Driscoll H deserted 10/10/1862
John Fegley A deserted 10/2/1862
David Ferrington G deserted/discharged 10/5/1862
Oliver Fish H deserted 7/4/1862
Amos French C dismissed 9/7/1865
Henry N. French C deserted 8/7/1865
Henry Fry C dismissed 3/5/1865
John Gaff G deserted 10/7/1862
James M. Garnett B deserted 8/18/1865
Parker Goodin D deserted 10/9/1864
James A. Heaton B deserted 10/5/1862
William Hedges C deserted 10/4/1862
William Holderbaum E deserted 10/24/1862
John T. Howard E deserted/discharged 7/22/1865
Charles Johnson C deserted/discharged 10/4/1862
George L. Johnson G deserted 7/30/1865
Nicholas D. Kentz K deserted 1/18/1862
Oscar F. Knapp K deserted 10/6/1862
John Knox C deserted 9/30/1862
William Langdon G deserted 7/30/1865
Joseph Layton I deserted 4/15/1862
Martin Lee G deserted 4/1/1862
William Lesley E deserted 8/18/1862
Isaac Lewis G deserted 7/24/1865
John Little H deserted/discharged 5/16/1862
John R. McCool C deserted 6/29/1862
Benton McCool C deserted 9/30/1862
James McDonald C deserted 8/29/1862
Timothy McIntyre B deserted 4/10/1865
Joseph H. McKilleps H deserted 7/4/1862
William McKinney E deserted/discharged 8/31/1865
Francis M. Mettert D deserted 4/5/1864
Turner Miller E deserted 8/8/1865
George R. Murray B dismissed 12/6/1864
George W. Neal C deserted 8/7/1865
Michael O’Conner C deserted 1/1/1862
Patrick O’Flaherty G deserted/discharged 8/20/1865
Joshua D. Ogden G deserted 7/30/1865
William Opie D deserted/discharged 8/1/1865
Andrew L. Robinson C deserted 3/9/1862
Allen M. Sailor A deserted 10/2/1862
John B. Sellers B deserted/discharged 8/1/1865
Joshua Shaffer E deserted 6/25/1862
David Shaffer E deserted 2/9/1862
Henry J. Shoemaker G deserted 10/3/1862
Robert Sillabaugh H dismissed 9/14/1865
Salmon Snow G deserted 10/5/1862
Nelson A. Sowers A dismissed 5/17/1863
Fredrick Stein C deserted 7/14/1862
Robert Steward C deserted/discharged 6/10/1862
Andrew J. Stillwell E deserted 2/18/1862
William S. Story C dismissed 5/16/1863
Lewis K. Tannehill C dismissed 10/18/1862
James Taylor C deserted 10/4/1862
James W. Timmons A deserted/discharged 7/28/1865
John L. Watters B deserted/discharged 5/4/1865
James H. Watters B deserted/discharged 8/5/1865
George Webster E deserted/discharged 12/20/1862
John M. Weeks B deserted 8/10/1865
John K. White I deserted 9/10/1864
John L. White D deserted/discharged 7/25/1865
Wilhelm Wildmar I deserted 8/8/1865
James Wilkinson C deserted 10/4/1862
John Winebrenner G deserted 10/7/1862
John Wolfinger G deserted/discharged 7/31/1865
Oscar Woodworth I deserted 4/15/1862
William Yost E deserted 8/12/1862
Jerry Young D deserted 8/6/1862