Photographs of Companies taken at Chattanooga about May 1864


Company A, standing pose, above


Company A, kneeling pose, above. Officers identified in Book 2.

Co F group cospercollection

Company F, above. Some officers identified in Book 2.

B-292 Company H, 44th Indiana Infantry 524711

Company H, above (men identified in Book 2)

Co H Giggy sepia

Company H, above alternate pose


Unidentified Company, photo #1, above. May be 21st Michigan.


Unidentified Company, photo #2, above. (Co. H?)

3 Infantry_company_on_parade_-_NARA_-_525065

Unidentified Company, photo #3, above


  1. Trying to find a photo of my ancestor- Joseph Daniel Indiana 44th Co C. Mustered in 9/20/1864 and killed in Battle of chicamagua 4/10/1865. Would even like to see a photo of the regiment that would have been taken during this time frame.
    If you have one, please let me know how I can find it.

    1. Although book 2 has over 250 photos of the men who served, your Joseph Daniel is not among them. (Your man Joseph Daniel, died of disease (diarrhea) Apr. 10, 1865 in the hospital at Chattanooga, TN. I know of no group photographs taken between the time he mustered in and his death.) His biography is in book 1 and a small mention of his burial is in book 3 (Lincoln’s assassination brought a dark cloud over the Post at Chattanooga. “At 5 a.m. on April 16, the 100 pounder Parrott guns atop Cameron Hill begin to thunder every half hour until 6 p.m. Businesses remain closed. But the burials of nineteen soldiers who died in the Hospital between the 11th [10th] and 14th take place as scheduled. Among them are Joseph Daniel [Co. C] and A.J. McGillem [Co. G] of the 44th Indiana. All nineteen receive full honors. Each cortege includes a horse-drawn ambulance in which rests the casket containing the deceased, a Chaplain, an honor guard, and members of the decedent’s regiment, if available. All are laid to rest in Section G of the National Cemetery.” )

      Thank you for your interest and willingness to keep his memory alive!

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