Drawing of the 44th Indiana “Iron Regiment” on Shiloh’s Battlefield

Shiloh Lovie

Above is Henri Lovie’s original drawing which is now housed in Becker Collection, Boston College, Boston, MA.




This is the etching as published in Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, May 17, 1862,. “Left wing–the woods on fire during the engagement of Sunday, April 6, 1862, where the 44th Indiana Volunteers were engaged, Col. Hugh B. Reed (astride horse), Commanding. By our own special artist, Mr.Henri Lovie.—Harper’s Weekly, 1862


Shiloh hill



Above photo shows some 44th Indiana veterans taken Apr. 7, 1903, on the hill charged by the Regiment Sunday p.m., after leaving the ‘Peach Orchard,’ about 500 yards north of place where Gen. A.S. Johnston was killed.

Shiloh monument just men Rob Watkins

Photograph of old Veterans taken at the 44th Indiana Monument at Shiloh.